Canal Zone Images
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Madden Dam Villa Amor Bohio Iguana Balboa Post Office
Christmas Tree Balboa Free Zone Minor League Balboa School
Coco Solo Post Office Curundu Pool Dredge Cascadas Balboa Dry Dock Just Cause
Panorama photos New PRR Logo Camping Gatun Lake Red Tank Gatun Spillway
Gorgona Train Station Cuidentt Admin Building Pedro Miguel Engine House Panama Defense Forces
Chicken Bottle Waterfall Today Far Fan Beach Dredge Cascadas Camp Otis
The Cut near Summit Gamboa Pool Lock Chamber "Love Rides the Rails" Crystal Symphony
Tits Beach Army Ants BHS Plaque PRR Relocation Raspado Man
Bicentennial Loco Home USS Lexington Gamboa Scene Interior Road Stand
Nuke Submarine Panamax Guayacan Airplane in the Garbage Lock Culvert
Locks Control Board Gatun Spillway Governor Parfitt Helicopters Pedro Miguel Overhaul
Gaillard Plaque Clearing Harbor BHS Construction Panama Railroad VW Surfing
Reunion 99 Loco 201 Curundu Clubhouse Red Ships Barrage Balloons
Sunken Tug Pacific Anchorage Fort Clayton DDT in the Zone New Panama Railroad
Bocas Del Toro Ft. Clayton Aerial Balboa Ice PCC Swim Class Morgan's Garden
Golden Altar Panama Canal Department Patch Canal Zone Police Guard Patch Paraiso Coca Cola Bottle Pete's Bar Map
Ski Docks Monte Lirio Christmas in Diablo Panama Christmas Tree Commemorative Coca Cola Bottles
Crane Boat "Atlas" Story Panama Canal Defense Taboga Island Cardenas Bus Stop Man Bottle Island
Colon Hospital Commemorative Tray PRR Herald Central Ave 1940s Locomotive 274
Tailor of Panama Film Bruja Point 16" Gun Hercules Delivery Chiva Bus Pedro Miguel
Amador Gate Tabernilla Crane Titan Diablo Clubhouse Big Rock
Cranes and Carrier Veteran's Plaque Roosevelt Ave. Gamboa Clubhouse Trio of Dredges`
Christmas at Dredging Front Street in Colon La Boca Clubhouse Old Tocumen Airport Panama Canal Restaurants
Balboa Docks Gatun Clubhouse Albrook Swamp Low and Dry  Old Panama Canal Bracelet
Dry Dock Crew Cholo Tribe Burning Buildings Gorgona Island Gamboa Bridge
Dismantling old PRR Cars CZP Police Pistol Team at Empire The First CHS
"Jacob Ruppert" Gatun North End Dredging Christmas Show at Balboa Elem. Balboa Stadium Today Mount Hope
Sailors in the Cut Albrook View New Balboa Theater Old Balboa Theater Original Town of Gatun
Downtown Balboa in the '50's Royal Poinciana and St. Mary's Cristobal Commissary FDR visits the Canal Zone St. Mary's School Balboa, C.Z.
Pay Car Gatun Spillway Spilling Bottle Digging and Cut Widening Coco Solo '65 Flooded Locomotive
Emergency Dam Causeway Frisbee Santa Clara Beach Gatun Today Hyacinth II
Gatun Pool and Commissary Young Gamboa Happy 4th of July Summit Gardens Submarine 05
Early Gatun EarlyPCC Housing Reunion Preview Reunion Closing Hotel Tivoli Parlor
Old Fort Gulick Hospital Shopping downtown  Sellout of the Panama Canal Croton Early Panama Canal Defense
Old French Dredges Early Balboa Flats Wash Day at Largarto 4th of July Avenue My Crew
Early Canal Swim Las Cruces Happy Thanksgiving Treat My Dad Very Early Transit
Christmas 1963 Gamboa Santa Haiti Divers Locks Overhaul Dry Season Color
Culebra Island Herbert Brother Steam Shovel  Accident New Balboa Club House Pan American Airways
Gatun Lake Recreation Island Flag Lowering in Steven's Circle French Canal Work 1937 Road  Patrol  Early Carr Street
Canal Zone Police Motorcycle Patrol The "Exotic" Canal Zone Police Patrol Cars Gatun Street Scene Canal Zone Police Line up
Construction Day Mothers Canal Zone Police in Empire Memorial Day Canal Zone Police 1977 Morgan's Garden and Bohio Heaven
Canal Zone Police Group Photo
1913 / 1981
CZP - The First and the Last Sosa Hill Fireworks CZP Reunion 2002 Pepper Harvest
Rio Grande Reservoir  Gamboa Waterhole  Lago Mar Sunset North End Arrow Early Spillway Fishing and Fry
Early CZ Bowling Pacific Ferry Boat Atlantic Ferry Ancon Dispensary Grilling in the Old Days.
Curundu 1940's Two Gamboa Bridges Ancon Commissary Balboa Harbor Battleships Ancon Commissary Today
Panama Coat of Arms Defense of the Panama Canal Old Cristobal Docks and Rolling Stock Yard Turkey Contraband Aichi M6A1 Seiran
Early Balboa Harbor CHS Christmas 1950 1916 Christmas Card The Old Lake Town of  San Pablo Old Town of Chagres
Old Town of Chagres Revisted Old 299 Final Resting Place Panama Railroad
Gamboa Club House 1940's Gamboa Commissary 1940's
Fort Amador View 1920 Gamboa Commissary Today Altantic and Pacific Aerials Miraflores Locks Aerial Me on the Panama Railroad
Thatcher Ferry Yesterday and Today Paraiso Veteran Monument Black Christ in Porto Bello Gatun Locks Tight Squeeze Sosa Hill Slide
Then and Now.
Palo Seco Hosptial Memorial Day 1933 Special Train for Gobs (Sailors) Loading Gobs Train in Cristobal
Delivering Coal Old St. Mary's School 4th of July in Gorgona Inside Gamboa Theater Gamboa Gravel Operations
Premature Explosion  Panama Dancers Balboa High School Library Today Town of Cruces Engraving Early Towing Locomotive Operators
Railroad Crane to the rescue La Boca Baptist Church Ancon Post Office #1 Early Ancon Post Office  Early Road Signs
Dredge Cutter Head Aerial Photo Miraflores Amador Causeway Days Balboa Gun Club Aerial Photo Mount Hope
Gatun Locks
Vehicular Bridge 
Arco Chato Naval Station 
Coco Solo
Thanksgiving Tivoli Menu Great Early Gamboa Photo
Wilson Family Panama City Beach Christmas  1948 New Year's Blossom Vintage Automobile 
Gatun Spillway Colonial and Modern Panama Inside Camp Elliot's Barracks Gamboa Gas Station and Friend Guayacan Blooms in El Caņo
El Caņo Revisited Carnavalito in Colon Boys at Play in the Construction Days Diablicos Sucios Queen Mary II
Balboa Early 1940's Balboa Today Balboa Today 2 Easter Sunrise Service '40s Balboa Dry Dock
Rain in the Cut Tavernilla Street Gatun Train Station PRR Engineer Early Swim Meet
307th EASR Fort Davis, CZ 65' "Crash Boat" Curundu Community Center Balboa  Service Center Gamboa Police Station (then & now)
4th of July on Hawkins Ave. Early Paraiso Dredging Division Drag Line 3rd Locks Project Great View from Pedro Miguel Philippine Sea CV-47
Pedro Miguel 1940's Carnival 1924 Pedro Miguel Yacht Club Today Balboa Bowling
Motor Transportation Inspection
1945 Balboa Commissary   First, First Communion in the Canal Zone 1911 View of Pedro Miguel Locks from West Bank Chase Bank in Colon Pedro Miguel Clubhouse
Chinese Garden Corozal P.X. Bus Curundu Commissary Curundu Housing

Pedro Miguel
Union Church

Coco Solo Chapel Cristobal Dock Workers Early Passenger P.R.R. Train Summit Gardens The First Gamboa
Big Tilapia in 
the Canal
Cement Bucket Ride Over the Locks Dredging in the Moonlight Shoveling on the Bottom of the Cut S.S. Cristobal In and Out
The Town of Madden 1931-1934 In the Town of Madden 1931-1934 Sears & Roebuck in Panama 1940 Toro Point 
U.S. 1
Gran Morrison
Historic Building
War Bond Sales in the Canal Zone Los Rios Aerial Ferry Boat General Charles F. Humphrey  Plane Crash in Locks War Bond Sales in the Canal Zone
Balboa Stadium William B. Ingen Painting of Cut Gamboa Air Field Miraflores Bridge Ribbon Cutting La Boca Cantine
Balboa Clubhouse Aerial Balboa Teen Club Bachelor Quarters Early Ancon Hospital Grounds Cementerio Amador
Cementerio Amador Today Gamboa Gravel Operations Along the Canal Bank Center Wall Crane Mule Corozal Veterinary Clinic
Taboga Asylum Yankees in 
Balboa Stadium
Yankees in Balboa Stadium Continued Mitchellville or Monte Lirio Two Bridges
299 At Work Locomotive 658 View from Morgan's Gardens Sian Yung Hunting in the Early Days
Gatun Today From Above Empire Fire Station Cristobal Fire Station Samy y Sandra Camp Paraiso Catholic Church
Train Wreck Belgium Locomotive Restored Poinsettias New Deputy Early Balboa Road
Early Barnebey Street Barnebey Street Today Balboa Road Today Old Gatun Train Station Club House
Bus Stop
Cake Vendor Culebra Cut Yesterday & Today Early Ambulance Hotel Washington Pool Early Balboa Revisited
First Union Church in Balboa Hotel Washington Pool Revisited Early Ancon Street Modern Colon Aerial Easter Colors
Rio Abajo Housing Old  Fort Randolph Defense Ancon Clubhouse Early Tourism Bull Wheel Gear Display
Memorial Day Salute Dredge Corozal Dredge Corozal Model S.S. Cristobal in Dry Dock Old Panama Cathedral 1920's
Old Panama Same View Today Early Panama Railroad  Atlantic Terminals Construction Switch Engine Dynamite Magazine  Empress of Scotland
Christ Church by the Sea Inside Christ Church by the Sea Original Panama City Railroad Station Aerial View of the Canal My Father In Law
Barber Shop Miraflores Swing Bridge Today Porto Bello YMCA Elementary School Days Early Tivoli Hotel
Crane Mule Revisited Steam Locomotive in Flood FDR in Albrook Harold Clark Shoe Shine  Boy
Santa Anna Plaza Revisited Panama City Trolley Same Scene Today Tivoli USO Santa Anna Plaza Revisited
Panama Hospital Panama Hospital Panama Railway Company / Gamboa Bridge St. Mary's Church' 07 Motorcycle Canoe Hauler
La Valle Shifting  a Locks Locomotive La Valle in Lock Chamber PRR Locomotive 902 Crane Boat Atlas Cristobal Y.M.C.A.
PRR Locomotive at Balboa Train Station Crane Ajax at work Balboa High School Wood Shop 1015 lb. Sawfish Dry Dock Crane Today
Summit Radio Field Rio Mar Grave Digger
Mt. Hope
Mom and I New Town Gatun
St. Luke's Cathedral  Mule Crane Revisited Relaxing on Taboga Island Father's Day At It's Best Removing Old French Equipment
S.S. Ancon & 75th Anniversary of the Panama Canal Society Shorty and Slim at the 2007 Reunion Hotel Tivoli Relics USS Pearl Harbor Cristobal Union Church Yesterday and Today
Old French Equipment Removed Tarpon Fishing Pedro Miguel
Boat Club
Balboa from Ancon Hill Labor Day Tribute
Hotel Washington Pool Revisited Panama Railroad  Gas Train #6 New Gatun & Gatun Silver Early Gatun Map Showing Gatun Silver Gamboa Golf Club Score Card
Ladder Dredge Gauge Gatun Locks Early Construction Early Gatun Train Station Gorgona Train Station Cristobal Docks from Camp Bierd
Cristobal Dock Up Close Downtown Curundu
Construction Workers Coco Solo Naval Air Base Christmas 2007 in Balboa
Mola Christmas Tree U.S.A.T Cristobal WWII Certificate Coco  Solo Aerial Gatun Lighthouse Construction Early Pedro Miguel Aerial 
Ancon Club House Revisited Old La Boca Gorgona Shop Workers Gamboa Catholic Church Gamboa Aggregate Operations Revisited
Balboa Pay Train Early Tire Store Passenger Train at Darien Island 10th Anniversary Cover Raspado Man
Old Tire Store Today Aerial of Culebra Cut from Gamboa U.S.S. Yorktown in Locks Damage to Lock Light Poles A Day on the Bank of Panama Bay
Anti-Aircraft Equipment Balboa Train Station Formation Searchlight Drill Searchlight - Gen. Jarman Inspection Corozal Theater
Picturesque Balboa Ancon Courthouse Camp Coiner Fire Station Work Train Chagres / Gamboa Aerial
Pedro Miguel Locks Aerial Pedro Miguel Locks Aerial Culebra Cut Aerial Locks Workers Taking a Break Pedro Miguel 1919
View from Train
After Pay Day in Miraflores Pay Day in Miraflores Early Tavernilla Street Scenic View from Ancon Hill Herding Cattle
 Panama Style
Negro Family in Early Colon Area Ancon Courthouse Another View Old BHS ROTC Building Thatcher Ferry Bridge Construction Celebrating Veterans Day - My Hero
Great Early Ancon View Early Town View (Mystery Photo) Goethals and Grier Sam Grier with 
Col. Goethals and The Yellow Pearl
Goethals and Taft
Sam Grier and his Famous Ride Across the Isthmus Early La Boca Post Office Roosevelt Medal Printer's Block S.S. Newport
Sunk in Balboa
Old Corozal Train Station
 Lockage without Locomotives 299 At Work Excursion Barge Airship Los Angeles in the Canal Zone Carrier FDR in Balboa Harbor 1950's
Panama American Airways at Albrook Close up of Panama American Clipper Balboa Harbor 2009 Early View of Admin Building  Pedro Miguel Union Church Altar
S.S. Newport Revisited Iglesia de 
Cristo Rey
Blasting / Observation Tower Observation Tower Gallego Laborers
Wrecking Crane Laborers Gorgona Order of Odd Fellows Day Off at Gorgona Taboga Outing
Wash Men
Shovel Crew Crowded Gorgona Post Office 4th of July in Gorgona Camacho Reservoir Balboa Dry Dock Construction Days
Balboa Dry Dock Construction Days  Traveling Concrete Plant Men at Leasure Panama Interior Road Late 1940's Boquete, Panama
 Late 1940's
Boquete, Panama Late 40's Continued Boy Scout Ceremony, El Volcan Panamanian Commissary Morgan's Gardens West Morgan's Gardens West Part 2
Old Pedro Miguel Train Station Old Gatun Rainy Season in Old Gatun Early Cerro Luisa View Jack-O-Lantern
 Oil Tank
Early Transportation at Fort Clayton Old Gatun Revisited Culebra Administration Building Vault Culebra Administration Building Vault Today Family photo at Old Panama tower, 1954
Kids at Play in Culebra Magi Gifts The Warm Playa

Gatun Club House Third Locks Era

Cocoli Club House
Pedro Miguel Police Station Pedro Miguel River and Red Tank Early Canal Zone Man's Best Friend. Bad Day at the Diggings Panama Railroad Maintenance Workers
Paving Albrook Field Paving Albrook Revisited  Paving Albrook Revisited 1930's Aerial Amador Road and Amador 1930's Aerial Amador Road and Panama City
Pacific Sailfish Club Meetings Hot Sauce 
For Sale
Maintenance Shop Workers Parade Float, El Prado, Balboa Early Car Ride in Balboa/Ancon
Balboa Teen Club 1950's Commemorative Ship Visit in Locks. Aerial View of Gatun 3rd Locks Memorial Day Light House at Light House Road Today
Amador Islands 1875 - Eadweard Muybridge Amador Islands 1875 - Eadweard Muybridge Town of Chagres 1875 - Eadweard Muybridge Panama City 1875 - Eadweard Muybridge Savage Pistol
Panama City 1875 - Eadweard Muybridge Casco Viejo - Las Bovedas 1875
Eadweard Muybridge
Casco Viejo - Monastery 1875 Eadweard Muybridge Cathedral Plaza 1875 Eadweard Muybridge Cathedral Plaza 1875 Eadweard Muybridge
U.S.S. Warren - Panama Bay 1875 Eadweard Muybridge Gamboa Bridge Telephoto Photo 11th Combat Engineers 
"Jungle Cats"
Pan-American Clipper Aerial of a portion Old Corozal
Aerial of Albrook Field 1939 Albrook Field 1939 Gatun Town Construction 1930's Balboa Aerial
Early 1970s
Grand Circo Shipp at Pedro Miguel
Queen Elisabeth Visit to Panama - 1953 Balboa Community Building Early Balboa from the Administration Building Loading 299 on 
SS Cristobal
Loading 299 on SS Cristobal
Aerial View of Ancon and Balboa Our Daughter's Wedding Balboa Club House 1937 Madden Dam Post Office Kelley's Ritz
Construction Day House Today Free Range Store on Wheels Panga Heading
Out Fishing
Colon Today Howard AFB Aerial 2011 Third Locks Old Cars in
 Third Locks
2011 Third Locks Overview
Big Dump Truck Rock Pile Panama Sunrise Coffer Dams Coffer Dams Again
New Canal Channel Camp Elliott Band Camp Elliott 
Parade Tent
Formation at Camp Elliott Ramsey Bungalow
Inside the Ramsey Bungalow Lilian Ramsey at PRR Dock Bottom of Cut 1905 Gorgona Train Station 1905 Charity Baseball Game
Easter Picnic Visiting Friends in Ancon Washer Women at Gatun Taboga Sanitarium/Hotel Old Church at Taboga
Picnic at Beach at Taboga Panama Police (Bobbies) 1906 Ramsey's Visit Old Panama Trip to Cristobal Gatun New Excavation
Early Baseball Game in Balboa Early El Prado 
Balboa, Canal Zone
Balboa School Balboa School Continued Early Gatun Buildings
Early Gatun 
Buildings Continued
Early Gatun 
Buildings Continued
Gatun Views from Train Station Gatun School House Drafting Crew and Shop
Survey Crew Lateral Culvert in  Upper Chamber Gatun Dam Construction Gatun Power Plant Construction Turbine Locomotive 311 at Work
USSP Export Co. Contractors Hunting Party Survey Crew in Forebay Gatun Hotel Restaurant Patio Channeler and Crew
French Dredges Series #1 French Dredges
Series #2
French Dredges
Series #3
French Dredges
Series #4
French Dredges
Series #5
French Dredges Series #6 French Workers and Crane Shop Front Street at Colon during the French Days Kids Playing in Balboa Culebra Train Station
Empire Train Station Quarry Heights Quarry 4th of July in 1915 Passenger Train Leaving Panama City Station Cristobal Union Chapel
Canal Zone Volunteer Fire Department - Corozal Canal Zone Volunteer Fire Department - Ancon Paddle Boat "Exotic" Revisited Boat Race Ancon Ball Park
Pedro Miguel Ferry President Roosevelt Ferry Ancon Ball Park Revisited House Raising in Pedro Miguel Downtown Gamboa Under Construction
Before There Was a Causeway Paraiso Bridge Family Quarters Box Car Outing at Porto Bello Outing at Porto Bello 2
Defense of the Panama Canal HMS Bounty Beach Outing on Taboga Island Sailing Trip Shovel Bucket
Turning Motor Car Christmas in Diablo 1956 Hand Operated Inspection Rail Car  Old French Ladder Dredges Stripped Rogers or Cooke Locomotive
American Locomotive Co. P.R.R. Class 101 - 112 type locomotive  American Locomotive Co. P.R.R. Class 113 - 124 type locomotive New Panama Canal Ferry Boat Self Propelled Clappet Barges Cristobal Streets
Columbus Ave. Cristobal Boy Scout Outing at Taboga Town of Culebra New Panama Canal Dredge Bread Vendor
Ralph Sartor Bachelor Quarters Street Vendor Darien Radio Station Difficult Lift
Columbus Statue in Colon Columbus Statue Continued Construction Day Kids Defense of the Panama Canal Mount Hope Warehouse Burning
Mount Hope Water Plant 1908 Mount Hope Water Plant 1915 Mount Hope Water Plant 2006 4th of July in Cristobal Cafe Manana
Monte Lirio
Steam Driven
Dock Mules Martinique Woman Ralph and Friends at Seawall Canal Zone Mounted Police
Playa de Flor Michael J. Carroll Michael J. Carroll
Steam Shovel Fireman
Michael J. Carroll's House Michael J. Carroll's House and Friends
Michael J. Carroll on Gatun Spillway Michael J. Carroll Gatun Spillway Re-visited  Gatun Spillway Mixing Plant Michael J. Carroll Outing With Friends Shooting Orchids Out of Trees
Michael J. Carroll and Crew Bayano Hunting Trip Gatun Housing Michael J. Carroll Down in the Chamber Tourist Train in Culebra Cut
Tourists in the Cut Tourists in Lock Chamber Tourists at Locks Bringing up the Big Gun at Flamenco Island Happy New Year Post card
Matachin Mess Unloading Dynamite Dynamite Bunker Big Gun now on top of Flamenco  New Balboa Train Station
New Balboa Stadium Overview of Balboa Stadium Balboa/Ancon
Gas Station
Carnaval in Ancon Inside Gatun Commissary
Old & New Gatun Section I & Rolling Stock Yard Gatun Pool and Gym April 2014 Gatun Water Works Gatun Water Works Revisted
New Diablo Housing Freight Over 
Gamboa Bridge
Graduation Day for our Daughter Tug Reliance Curundu Theater
Curundu Downtown Construction Skunk Hollow Curundu Housing Far Fan Beach Gamboa Pool and Clubhouse
President Amador Ferry Boat Presidente Porras Ferry Boat Presidente Porras (Continued) Launch Las Cruces Balboa Clubhouse Demolition 
Balboa Clubhouse New Building Today Presidente Porras Re-visited Aides of Navigation  Club Bar Aides of Navigation Window View Aides of Navigation Aerial View
Old Corozal Road Aides of Navigation Revisited New Town Gatun Then and Now Curundu Jr. High School - Aerial Fort Amador Aerial
Balboa Aerial Fort Davis Aerial New Lock Gates for Panama Canal View from Contractors Hill at Night Aerial of Balboa Harbor
Balboa Harbor Today Cristobal Docks Aerial Panama Christmas Tree Panama City Aerial 1952 Gatun Spillway Aerial
Pedro Miguel Locks Aerial Miraflores Locks Aerial Gatun Spillway Anti-Aircraft Batteries Aerial of Chagres River and Gamboa Aerial of Chagres and Gamboa 2
Aerial of Chagres and Gamboa 3 Aerial of Dredging Divsion View from Ancon Hill - Now & Then View from Sosa Hill - 1950 View from Sosa Hill - 1950 -Cont.
Approach Landing over Balboa View from Sosa Hill - 1950 Cont. View from Sosa Hill - 1950 Cont. Aerial of Gorgas Hospital Panama's Supreme Court - Gorgas
Aerial of Palo Seco View of Ancon Quarry in Action View from Ancon Hill 1916 View from Albrook Swamp View from Ancon Quarry
View from Ancon Quarry Towards 
La Boca
Aerial of Ancon Hill and Sosa Hill Aerial of Fort Amador - Yesterday and Today Aerial of Thatcher Ferry Bridge Balboa Dry Dock Then and Now
1950 Aerial of Gamboa Aerial of Margarita Elementary School Aerial of New Cristobal Aerial of Mamei Curve - Quidnet   Aerial of Mamei Curve - Later
Aerial of Howard / Kobbe Bases Goofy Lake US Cascadas Dredge Digging Hercules at Rodman Naval Miraflores Spillway Under Repair
Balboa Harbor Panoramic Early 1980's Rodman Naval Piers Early 1980's Rodman Piers Today Old Catholic Church in Gatun Old Bachelor Quarters in Gatun
Old Bomb Shelters in Gatun Street Scene Gatun Today Agua Clara Locks Agua Clara Locks Part Two Early 1970's 
La Boca
Gatun Tow Track Maintence Building Old Gatun Face Lift Merry Christmas SACA Bus Greasing Summit Radio Towers  Then and Now Cucaracha in Culebra Cut
Cocoli VFW Sunrise at the Pacific Anchorage Mystery Buildings in Balboa My Mother-in-Law Santa Clara Casino
More Santa Clara Casino Morgans Gardens Revisited Ramon Monument Plaza Cinco de Mayo New Cristobal Housing Today New Gatun Bridge
Taboga Scout Camp 1916 Scout Meeting in Tivoli Hotel 4th of July Scout Parade in Balboa Stadium Scout Field Showers Gatun Now an Island
Camp Harriet Gatun Dredging Aqua Clara Locks Dike Low Gatun Lake Level Update from
 Isla Gatun
Cub Scouts in Miraflores Locks
Memorial Day Tribute Defense of the Panama Canal Canal Zone Scouts Food Drive First Trial Run for Agua Clara Locks Jungle Campout with a Dad Scout Leader Grand Opening
Canal Expansion
1916 Fourth of July Celebration Program Motor Transportation Division Motor Pool Gorgona Shops and Masonic Lodge Gorgona Masonic Lodge Revisited PRR Environmental Study 1998
Panama Railroad Construction Monument Panama Railroad Construction Monument Today Hotel Washington and Sea Pool Construction Hotel Washington Today Hotel Washington
Holly Wood Hotel in Colon Today Balboa Commissary Today Post Panamax Ship Entering Canal Ancon Hill with Trees Three Pacific Locks View from
 Ancon Hill
Aerial View of the Pacific Locks Today Halloween School Kids by Pool in Balboa Balboa Pool Study from Last Week Veterans Day Salute Thanksgiving in the Canal Zone
Aerial of Panama City When Things Were Simple Advent Calendar
Old Panama
Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar
San Blas
Merry Christmas / Happy New Year Vintage Post Card
Red, White and Blue Troupe Pennant and Badge Red, White and Blue Star Lona Rathbone Red, White and Blue Troupe Continues Red, White and Blue Troupe Joyce Haldeman Red, White and Blue Troupe Eddie Wood & Mack Walbridge
Red, White and Blue Troupe Lorna Duff Red, White and Blue 
Troupe Alice Brayton
Red, White and Blue Troupe Girls Swim Team WWII Coach Henry Grieser and wife Kathleen Coach Grieser and Dabby Dickson
Gamboa Red, White and Blue Troupe Young Coach Grieser  Llona (Rathbone) Sears Cotillion Club Goethals Monument 1950's "Mighty Mo"
USS Missouri
SS Ancon at War Ancon Elementary School Busy Day at Cocoli Locks Neo-Panamamax
Agua Clara Locks
Storm Over the Canal
Nina Brown Kosik Tom Brady's Bar and Restaurant Tivoli USO 1940s Tivoli USO 1950's Gatun Clubhouse 1945
Gatun Pool Kiddies Pool View From Gatun Pool Gatun Emergency Dam Battleship Wisconsin SS America/USS West Point AP-23
Gatun Union Church in 2003  Liberty Loan Parade Balboa Train Station Old Timers Parade Balboa Train Station Balboa Commissary 1920 Balboa Playground 1919-1920
Massive Explosion
 in Mindi
Royal Yacht Britannia 1964 Queen Elizabeth Pass and Review ICC Postal Department - 1909 Ancon Court House Today
New ICC Administration Building Last Days of the Balboa Yacht Club First Battleships in Gatun Lake 1915 Allianca First Ship in Gatun Locks SS Ancon First Transit Gatun Locks
SS Cristobal Trial Transit 
August 4, 1914
The Blowing up of the Gamboa Dike 1913  The Blowing up of the Gamboa Dike 1913  Continued First Equipment in Miraflores Locks Cucaracha Slide Problem
Cucaracha Slide Ship Transiting 1914 Christmas in the Zone Happy New Year Panama Liquor Ice Bucket Panama Canal Locks Bollards Gatun Hydroelectric Plant 1914
Gatun Hydroelectric Plant 1917 Expanded Gatun Hydroelectric Plant / Spillway Aerials Gatun Hydroelectric Plant & Spillway Opening Day Corozal Army Base Theater Corozal Army Base Pool/YMCA
Installing Rising Stem Gate Valve Downtown Balboa Canal Zone B-17s Fly Over Culebra Cut 1938 Airship Los Angeles Over Cut Smudge Pots at the Locks
Camp Galliard 1923 Camp Empire 1923 Los Rios 1952 Aerials Curundu Clubhouse Fire Naked Diggers
UPS in Panama Miraflores Locks
 Swing Bridge
Building Miraflores Locks  Swing Bridge Miraflores Swing Bridge Crew Gamboa Theater Demolished
Gamboa Theater Newly Constructed Andrea Doria at Cristobal SS Ancon Departing Cristobal Loading Bananas on SS Ancon Mouth of Chagres River
Beach by the Mouth of the Chagres River Storm at the Mouth of the Chagres River Tarpon Club Early 1950s Senorita Panama & Miss Canal Zone Queen Elisabeth II 1953 Visit to Panama
S.S. Gothic Royal Yacht - 1953 Queen Elisabeth II at Miraflores Locks Panama Canal Film 1930s SS Panama Trial Transit 
August 11, 1914
USS Missouri 1915
Floating Crane Hercules Rotting Front of Administration Building 1954 Contractors Hill 1960s-1970s Contractors Hill 1980s Contractors Hill Project 13-A
View from Cerro Luisa 1920's Gatun Golf Club Thatcher Ferry Maintenance Crew The End of Miraflores Bridge First Balboa YMCA
Balboa YMCA Continued First Balboa YMCA 
in Color
Balboa Elementary School Annex 1913 Canal Christmas Diablo Heights School
Miraflores Bridge Resting Place Balboa Elementary School Annex Today Canal Zone Credit Union Building Today Scottish Rite Temple Balboa Panama Line Ship Bar
Building Replacing Diablo School Demolishing and Construction - Diablo School Gatun South No.2 Range Light Tower Gatun South No.2 Range Light Tower
Steam Crane Ladies
Thatcher Ferry New Balboa Passenger Station Panama Railroad 
Thatcher Ferry Boat 1954 Thatcher Ferry Army Escort Wagons On Board
New Gatun 
Spillway Bridge
Golden Days of the Canal Zone Forest Preserve Road Las Cruces Park in Forest Preserve Tarpon Club Today
Operation Just Cause Memorial Day Salute Cristobal High School Coco Solo 
Then and Now
Coco Solo Housing Then and Now Mount Hope Industrial Lab
Then and Now
Troop Formation at Fort San Lorenzo
Canal Zone Fishing Permit Henry Grieser 
Honor Day
Strangers' Club Colon Strangers' Club Entrance Area Strangers' Club
Ground Floor Areas
Stranger's Club
Aerials of Colon & Stranger's Club Colon Jail 1884 Lifting New Locks Locomotive Derailed Trolley Car in Balboa
75 Ton Steam Crane Fay H. McCain 75 Ton Steam Crane Derailed and Derailed Locomotive Locomotive Accident at Lock Site Train Wreck on the Main Line Hospital Railroad Car
Pedro Miguel Railroad Station 1939 Colon Round House 1894 Hospital Railroad Car Revisited Panama Canal Defense Colon Railroad Station 1970s
Cristobal School Then and Now Cake Sales Women Isla Gatun Christmas Decorations in Diablo Hts. Christmas Decorations in Curundu Hts.
Happy New Years Card from Gorgona Railroad Wrecking Cranes Revisited Railroad Wrecking Cranes Revisited Wrecking Crane in Culebra Cut Fred Sill
Suction Dredge Mindi Ellicot Dredge Advertisement Suction Dredge 
Las Cruces
Suction Dredge Mindi 1950s Dipper Dredge & Tug w/ rust brown color paint
Pan-Massachusetts USS MISSOURI BB-63 Jim Wich Hospital Ship USNS Comfort Pan American Clipper Over Canal
Lindberg at 
France Field
Gamboa Train Station Panama Railroad Maintenance Car View From Ancon Hill - Then and Now Dredging Division
Old Church in Gatuncillo Special Engineering Division Diablo Hts. Ancon Canal Zone Police Sub-Station Hallen, Claybourn, Butters, Snediker John G. Claybourn
Charles M. Butters Randolph Earl Snediker Society of the Chagres Outing Grimison Society of the Chagres Member Movers and Shakers
Goethal's Office Staff Josephine "Effie" Rodman Goethals Goethals with Group at Gamboa Dike William L. Siebert and Family William L. Siebert and Family Home
William L. Siebert and Family Home 2 POTUS William Howard Taft in Panama POTUS William Howard Taft in Panama 2 Goliath Ethel Otis and Kids
Harry & Ethel Otis, Friends and Kids John Williams at Front Desk - Gorgona A. G. Bedell and Girlfriend Gatun Lake Island Relaxing Gatun Y.M.C.A. Group
Taboga Excursion Taboga Cemetery Washinton Hotel Construction Downtown Gatun Camp Elliott Automobiles
New Sergeants
 for the Sheriffs
American Underslung Automobile Pedro Miguel Queen Elizabeth Visit Outing at Gatun Spillway Robert Bodle Collection
Horseback in the Culebra Cut Locomotive 201
 Then and Now
Relaxing on the Veranda in Empire Helen Bodle in Empire Type 14 House Viewing Tower on Balboa Mountain
Empire Storehouse and Yards Panama Viejo Then Now & In Between Corozal Swimming Pool Ft. Clayton
 Train Station
Railroad Gun
Entering Balboa Canal Zone Harbor Panama City Suburbs Early 1900s Mount Hope Printing Plant Construction of Balboa Theater 1949 Bruce Quinn and Friends
Veteran's Day in Paraiso, Canal Zone Gatun Pool Swimming Lessons 1940s Miraflores Bridge Entrance Gamboa Train Station 1941 Balboa Skating Ring
12 Family Quarters in Diablo Hts. Canal Zone Mail Truck Cocoli Gas Station George Green Park Madden Road Canal Zone Miraflores Locks Showing Line of Cars Waiting
PCC Welcome Wagon Ft. Amador in the 1950's Dedication of Statue of Liberty Ancon Maintenance Division Facilities Balboa Maintenance Division Facilities
Panama Railroad Freight Yards Chinese Garden 
 Fong Sick
Canal Zone Library in Ancon Balboa High School Wood & Metal Shop Balboa High School Shop Today
Iron Casket Iron Casket Continued Dredging Division Paraiso, Canal Zone Vice Versa Red Devil Bus in Florida
Parade ride on Fire Truck Gorgas Hospital Obstetrical Dredge Cascadas Ancon Motor Transportation  SS Cristobal Unloading Christmas Trees
Balboa Commissary Annex Toy Section Olatrane San Lucas El Panama Hilton Lucho on Cristobal Balboa Clubhouse Pastry Counter
Balboa High School Students Amador Causeway Fisherman Sign Far Fan Beach Club House Canal Zone Fire Department in Action Street Vacuum in Canal Zone
Carnival in Panama City's Central Ave. Panama Railroad at Miraflores Lake Panama Railroad at Gamboa Bridge La Boca Gas Station Pedro Miguel Ferry
Pedro Miguel Ferry Balboa Union Church Sunday School Class Pedro Miguel Town and Ferry Old Town of Pedro Miguel The Old Amador Causeway We Remember
USS Iowa USS Iowa Squeeze Mancha & Gato Burritos Line Handlers Playing Checkers Balboa Theater Refreshment Stand
Rosen Shingle Creek Command Staff Sea/Land Shipping Panama Railroad Piggy Back Birthday Selfie Jack Fisher
"Shore Leave" Play Balboa Housewares Commissary Annex Roller Skating Rink Then and Now Architecture  Then and Now Architecture  Part 2
SS Ancon in Pedro Miguel Locks La Boca Bakery Margarita Elementary School Diablo Elementary School Mine Dock at Amador Causeway
1909 Thanksgiving  Christmas Tree at Gatun Locks Nativity Scene at Miraflores Locks Christmas Decorations on Front Porch Merry Christmas Zonian Style Deco.
Christmas at Rosen Shingle Creek Kaila Mae Balboa Post Office Then and Now Amador Causeway Gamboa Pool Then and Now
Stevens and Walker Street Vendor in Balboa Canal Zone Titchfield Hotel West Indian Workers Pacific Entrance of Canal Aerial
Amador Beach early 1970s Balboa Sports Fields Balboa Road 1950s Las Cruces Trail Bridge Explore Scout Cruces Trail Medal
Sea Scout Ship Barracuda Scout Flag Raising Margarita Canal Zone Memorial Day at Corozal Cemetary Miraflores Bridge Waiting for Ship Reunion Decorations
Cable Heights Housing Canal Zone 
Garbage Truck
Thatcher Ferry Bridge Balboa Rolling Stock Yard Balboa Rolling Stock Yard
Hotel Tivoli Front Porch Boat Train Proud Mom and Dad THE PUB Panama Flag in Galway, Ireland
St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland Curious Hare Galway,Ireland My Brother Barry Texaco House 1st Marine Division
Unknown Military Building Tarpon Club Gatun, Canal Zone Tarpon Club Today Panama Christmas Tree Pedro Miguel Yacht Club
Dredging Division Launch Shelter General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing Panama Line Dock in New York City Amador Causeway Balboa Yacht Club
Old Cristobal Railroad Crossing Albrook Commercial Airport New Thatcher Ferry Bridge New Thatcher Ferry Bridge

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