Photo of the Week
August 27, 2023

Another great photo from the Lance Terrell photo collection taken in April 1967.

Here is a special one this week.  This single Panama Railroad wooden passenger car is part of what was called the "boat train".  Special accommodations were provided for those Panama Canal employees that were either going on vacation or retiring to the United States via the SS Cristobal or SS Ancon or SS Panama, depending the year and available ship.  My mom and dad took one of the last SS Cristobal sailings when dad retired.  I rode the boat train with my best  friend and his mom and dad on their departure.  My friend and I got the, watch the dog duties in the baggage car.  Yes, the boat train had to have a baggage car to haul all the departing people's luggage and pets.  I will have to say after all these years, the ride in the baggage car was uncomfortable.  My friend's dog wasn't real happy either.

I haven't thought about these memories in a very long time and now I cherish those memories.  How many others have had the opportunity to ride the boat train under those conditions?  I love the life I had in the Canal Zone!

Thank you for sharing your photos Lance and what great foresight taking all these photos before the end.

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