Photo of the Week
January 1, 2005 

     Happy New Year!!!  I am sorry there was no Photo of the Week last week, but with Christmas and taking a trip out of town, there just wasn't time.
     I figured that the best way to start out 2005 was with a colorized postcard of the first Gamboa.  This very early photo was taken looking south from the future town site of Gamboa.  The settlement across the river is the original town of Gamboa.  On top of the hill you can see the old signal station. I found many 20's-30's vintage on the side of that hill.  It appears the vehicle bridge has just been added to the main railroad bridge, but there doesn't appear to be a road into the new town site area yet.  The original power lines are still located on the bridge which would later be removed to large towers stringing the wires across the river.  The old light house still had a purpose in these days.  Today it sits deserted.
     The battleship shown is the U.S.S. Pennsylvania.  Note the island just behind the battleship. This island was removed when the Canal was widened.

Another great image preserving our Canal Zone history.

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