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February 5, 2017

Continuing with our study of the Red, White and Blue Troupe of the Canal Zone this week. Here is a photo of star swimmer and acrobatic diver Lorna Duff in early August 1926 on the same exhibition of swimming, diving and lifesaving trip in the United States.  This was the same trip that Joyce Haldeman was on (January 22, 2017 Photo of the Week).  I mentioned on January 22 that I had seen another photo with a young lady in chains instead of rope.  Well here is that photo.  I went ahead an purchased it on-line.  This was another crazy demonstration of how  to survive in the water under extreme circumstances. 

I found a few other photos with Lorna Duff in them, see below:


Here is a photo from the July 4, 1958 Panama Canal Review article about the Red, White and Blue Troupe.  Through research, I date this photo as mid - later 1920's.  Someone must have numbered the kids in the original photo they used in the publication. The article has the names of all shown, but not numbered.

Top Row: Tharon Haldeman, George Haldeman, Eugenia White, Matilde Brewerton, Helen Van Clief, Betty Haldeman, Gail Haldeman, Peggy White. Lower row: Harry Walbridge, Stanley Peterson, Henry Brewerton, Emma Van Clief, Virginia Calvit, Joyce Haldeman (Jan 22 Photo of the Week), Lorna Duff, Virginia Duff. Standing in back Coach Henry Grieser.

These were all big Red, White and Blue Troupe members for many years. Note the Haldeman was a big family of swimmers.


The above photo appeared in the 1932 Zonian yearbook. Left to Right: Van Clief, Dryden, Hearne, Duff, Brewerton, Grieser (Coach)

It says on the page in a paragraph: "The beautiful turns and twist executed by Lorna Duff easily marked her the best girl diver on the Isthmus"

More to come next week...

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