Photo of the Week
August 10, 2008 

In the aerial series we are having for the next few weeks, today's is an aerial that must have been taken the same day and almost the same time as last week's aerial.  This photo shows more of the town of Pedro Miguel and you can also see a portion of Paraiso.  It looks like a very busy day for transits.  An interesting note is the large flat area to the left of the locks.  This area was partially excavated during the Third Locks project of the early 1940's, but was never excavated deep as those in Miraflores and Gatun.  Now, Panama will excavate this area to make a by-pass channel for the new Third Locks project.  The plans I have seen, show the cut being extended through this area and will join the new Miraflores Locks.  There isn't a new Pedro Miguel locks planned in the new Third Locks project.  This channel will be at lake/cut level.  The new Miraflores locks will have three chambers to drop ships down from lake/cut level to sea level.  This area is in for some major changes.  It will be interesting to seen an aerial of this same scene once it is all done.

The caption for this post card is: "A busy day with 5 vessels in Pedro Miguel Locks at the Panama Canal". Post Card No. 0010 by Kevin Jenkins. 



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