Photo of the Week
October 21, 2012

Home sweet home back in the construction days of the Canal.  Back in July 29, 2001 (click here) I posted a photo of some old box cars that were converted into living quarters.  Well this week's photo is similar but much more interesting.  This old photo from the collection of Ralph Sartor is a real classic.  The writing on the back of the photo says, "Old Freight Car tuned into Married Quarters for a P.R.R. foreman and family".  This capture in time is priceless.  They installed windows with curtains a porch with flowers and plants, a picket fence around, a smoke stack (probably from the stove) and the best of all, the old wooden barrel on the roof as a source of water.  Great stuff!  See zoom in below of porch.

Although the photo is in poor condition, it is truly and nice capture in time.

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