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May 23, 2004 

     In honor of our military during this Memorial Day weekend, I found this great old photo to post.  This photo is of an awards ceremony in Fort Davis during the early 1950's.  The photo's title is, "Fort Davis Headquarters & Lt. Peixotto's Platoon receiving awards."  If you look closely, you can see the Caribbean Forces Command patch on the soldier's shoulder.  This photo was taken within the Fort Davis quadrangle.  This photo shows the sharp discipline and professionalism of these soldiers.
     This photo was sent to me a few years ago by George Sewell, Lt. Colonel, USAF, Ret. BHS 54.  George sent me a whole collection of photo images that were taken during his Dad's (LTC G.H. Sewell) tenure in Forts Davis and Sherman.  

George writes:

"During the early 50's, the 370 EASR was headquartered at Fort Sherman, with its Boat Battalion assigned there. The other battalion, the Shore Battalion, was stationed at Fort Davis. Originally (1952), my dad was assigned as the Shore Battalion commander, and as the senior tactical commander at Fort Davis, he was also the Post Commander. Later, when Colonel Robert Alexander was transferred, my dad became the regimental commander. Thus his responsibilities covered both posts. In addition, much of the work the Shore Battalion did was done on the Fort Sherman side of the Canal."

I plan to post all of the Sewell photos as a mini presentation in the near future.  I have put the project on the back burner for too long now and need to get it posted.  There is some really great old photos and history to go with the Sewell story.

God Bless all our military, past and present on this Memorial Day weekend and always.

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