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May 29. 2006 

In saluting our military this Memorial Day, I have posted a great photo of a soldier flying over Panama City during Operation Just Cause in December 1989.  Twenty-Three U.S. Servicemen died in combat during the invasion of Panama.  This week's photo is a tribute to those who gave their lives to restore democracy in the Republic of Panama.  God Bless them.  Their death was not in vain.

Private James Tabor
Private First Class Martin Denson
Specialist Jerry Daves
Specialist Alejandro Manriquelozano
Staff Sergeant Larry Barnard
Private First class Roy Brown, Jr.
Specialist Phillip Lear
Private First Class James Markwell
Private First Class John M. Price
First Lieutenant John Hunter
Chief Warrant Officer Wilson B. Owens
Chief Warrant Officer Andrew Porter
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) John P. Connors
Chief Engineman Donald L. McFaul
Boatswain's Mate First Class Christopher Tilghman
Torpedoman's Mate Second Class Issac G. Rodrigues III
Corporal Garreth C. Isaak
Private Kenneth Scott
Corporal Ivan Perez
Specialist William Gibbs
Sergeant Michael Deblois
Private First Class Vance Coats
Private First Class Scott Roth

Marine First Lieutenant Robert Paz
(Killed on December 16) 
His death triggered the activities which led directly to the invasion.

Three American civilians also died in the fighting.

Mrs. Gertrudge Kandi Helin (DOD school teacher)
Richard Paul
(Student - Canal Zone College)
Dragseth, (DOD Computer Science Teacher at Balboa High School)

Many Panamanian soldiers and civilians also died in the invasion.  An accurate listing of these has not yet been compiled - and may never be.  We honor their memory and wish that their sacrifice might not have been.

           This information taken from the book Invasion - The American Destruction of the Noriega Regime in Panama.  Photo above taken by Stuart Warner (BHS Class of 1969).

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