Photo of the Week
October 1, 2023

Well, I ran away for a couple of photos of the week and ended up in my far distant homeland of Ireland.  What a trip this was!!  We had a blast with the only regrets that we didn't stay longer.  Next time we will spend a month!  What a beautiful country full of beautiful people.  The Irish are beyond compare with their good humor, smiles and just being so friendly and nice.  We only saw a police presence once and they were unarmed.  We asked about police and were told that they are predominantly an unarmed force and that the police are Guardians of the Peace.  Not needing police as we have here in the US is a remarkable thing and proves that life in Ireland is a good life.  You can feel the goodness and peace in  the air.  If I were younger, I would move to Ireland to live and leave all the political BS here in the US behind.

If you haven't caught it yet, look up at the string of flags crossing this busy Galway street.  We looked up and saw our old friend thousands of miles from Panama.  The streets of Galway are busy everyday with shoppers and pub hoppers.


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