Photo of the Week
May 31, 2015

Last week I posted a photo taken from the Ancon Quarry, well I found two more that are very interesting.  The top photo was taken on January 30, 1914 and is a view looking towards La Boca.  Six months later the bottom photo was taken in July 1914.  Both photos show houses along what would become Balboa Road,  Morgan Ave. San Pablo St. and Tavernilla St.   These are typical old construction day houses.  The bigger buildings along the road were early school, post office and the first Balboa Union Church.  In the distance is the new town of La Boca with original La Boca dock that was used until the new Balboa Terminals Docks were built.  The tall smoke stacks and smoke/steam is what appears to be support facilities for the tank farm.  The photo below shows six months of progress as the new cement houses are now standing along the Tavernilla St. area.  Many of the old houses have been torn down.  This is amazing that these new houses were built in such a short period of time, but the Isthmian Canal Commission (ICC) didn't mess around when it came to constructing things back then.  The large flat open land in the foreground will become the Balboa Flats housing area.  Towards the bottom of the bottom photo you can see gravel/rock cars coming out of the Ancon Quarry rock crusher.  You can see this rock crusher and large white building in the May 3 photo of the week. This large white building is part of the quarry operations.  

I know that we have been at Balboa area for several weeks now, but we are leaning so much about the old Capital of the Canal Zone.  Isn't it great?!



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