Photo of the Week
July 28, 2019

This week we are moving past the stairs and the ground floor and entering the main room where members would sit and socialize, read, play games and I am sure a lot of cigar smoking.  The table in the front many hardbound books for some reason.  I would love to know the reason for these books and what the contents was.  This is a very spacious room with the large windows and double door going out to the large patios around two thirds of the building.  You can see this patio in the second photo I posted two weeks ago (click here).

Now the second photo is priceless and historical.  Here we have the members sitting on the ground floor patio.  I wonder who these men are.  Are they famous men of the day?  We will never know.

There is one thing for sure, this was a very well built building.

Next week we will go upstairs. 



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