Photo of the Week
April 16, 2000

Here are two really great photo postcards of Pedro Miguel in the 1940's.  I found these recently on ebay.  I am sure they will bring back memories for some of you out there.

Comments from Lloyd Kent:

The first one was the house on the right at the corner of Gaillard Highway and Incubator Row. Fire station was behind it on the highway, as it is now. The little road on the left starts across from the old commissary as you cross the tracks, below the concrete building, and went through the gas station and came out on Incubator Road. If you turn in at the house and continue down that road to the first left, the church was on the corner to your right. We were married there in 1948. That road went around the ball field. Looking up the road in front of the church at the top of the concrete steps Betty Taht lived to the left. In the first picture the church is just visible on the corner of the house on the right. Jo lived on the other end of this street almost at the end before it came out to the highway.

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