Photo of the Week
September 6, 1998

GorgonaTS.JPG (64692 bytes)
The old town of Gorgona is probably my favorite of all the old historical towns of the Canal Zone.   Gorgona which is part island and part under water now goes back to the days of the Spanish times.  It was a point on the Chagres river where boats had to be unloaded and the cargo carried to the town of Cruces where the Las Cruces Trail started.  This had to be done because of the bad rapids in the Chagres River between Gorgona and Cruces.   They named this short trail the Gorgona Trail.  When the Panama Railroad was finally constructed in the mid 1800's, it ran through the town of Gorgona.  The picture above is the Gorgona Train Station during the American construction days.  I found this photo in one of my books and thought I would post it because of the funny caption the picture has.  It reads: "The fences were erected along the tracks after a Government protest against the Conductor's practice of throwing non-paying passengers off of moving trains. (PCC2013)".  I have searched all over the present day island of Gorgona for old bottles and relics and have stood on the edge of this ravine.  The ravine that the railroad once ran through for many years is now flooded.  When you are on the island of Gorgona, you can feel the aura of the past all around you. 

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