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September 7, 2008 

Another great capture in time for this week's photo.  Here is a early colorized post card titled "After a Pay Day at Miraflores, Panama".  The card isn't dated, but appears to be during the construction days.  The local vendors and store owners must have loved pay day.  Shown in the photo is Woo Chahc & C. store, local street vendors selling what appears to be prepared foods and a mixture of nationalities of workers.  I love the guy that is standing next to the street vendor puffing on a big cigar.  It almost looks like he has wet his pants.  There is a sign on the wall of the store that reads "Rye-Ola".  I did a Google search which has Rye-Ola as a brand of bread.  After reading about the different Rye-Ola breads, I don't think this sign is for bread.  I did find mention of a bottle collector inquiring about an old bottle he found with the words Rye-Ola embossed on it.  Who knows???

An answer to what Rye-Ola was follows.

Rye-Ola was a soft-drink created in Birmingham in 1905 and bottled and sold in the city until 1922.  It was the invention of chemist Jefferson J. Peek, who had previously been involved with Nervola and Wiseola. He incorporated the Peek Beverage Company with offices in the Watts Building and a bottling plant nearby at 2006 3rd Avenue North. Two years later he changed the name of the business to The Rye-Ola Company and began licensing the drink to other regional bottlers. The company was moved to Southside, with a plant at 1726 3rd Avenue South.  In 1918 Peek sold the Rye-Ola Company to Ben Barbour and Harry Speaker. They relocated the plant to 322 19th Street South and added Cheri-Chum and a ginger-ale to the product line. The business closed in 1922.

Researched and submitted by CZ Images contributor Juan Carlos Diez.

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