Photo of the Week
November 1, 2020

This week we detour around the Bedell collection so I can post one of my favorite photos ever.  I have this photo in a frame on the wall by my dresser.  I have been wanting to scan it for sometime now but never took the frame down until this past week.  The bedroom and bath were renovated, so I had to take the frame down.  I took the photo out of the frame and finally scanned it.  I look at this photo everyday and wish I could go back to this life in the photo.  These were the days.  Here I lay in my hammock while camping out on what we called "Eddie's Island"  This was a land lease island out in Gatun Lake.  My good friend Ed Sykes was part leaser of this island.  We used to go out to the island almost every weekend to just relax like I am doing here.  Swim, water ski, fish, barbeque, etc.  We took a bunch of girl scouts out on the island for the weekend camping out. Ed's wife and my wife were the scout leaders and our daughters were in the same.  The girls had the time of their life and will probably never forget it.

This photo was taken in the early 1990s.

God I miss this life!!

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