Photo of the Week
November 30, 2014

Another great aerial photo from the Panama Canal V. I. P.
Slides and dated 7-12-69 produced by the Panama Canal Graphics Branch. On November 2, 2014 I posted a aerial view of Balboa looking towards the West Bank, well here is the opposite view looking from the West Bank towards Balboa and Panama City. Mind that the photo shown her is from 1969 while the other was +/- 20 years newer.  Anyway, you can still compare them.  This week's photo is a thankful capture in time as it shows the port of Balboa as we all remember it as in the Canal Zone era.  It appears that this photo was taken in the Dry Season as grass at Albrook Field is brown.  I remember it used to get so dry that the ground would crack. Remember that? Sosa Hill is real barren and almost looks like it recently burned.  Panama City is still low level building construction and Patia Point in the distance is bare of construction.  Wow!! how things have changed in 44 years.

I will post the rest of the slides in the next few weeks to come.


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