Photo of the Week
October 2, 2016

If you haven't been to Panama since the new locks opened, you have never seen this anything like this in the Panama Canal.  CZ Images contributor Bill Fall is in Panama and took this photo from his hotel room in Amador this morning.  Here is the MSC Katrina a new or neo Panamax ship entering the Panama Canal for transit.  What a massive ship of 1154.86 ft. in length and 157.48 ft. in width.  The original lock chambers are 1050 x 33.31 ft. which this ship surely could not fit in.  The new lock chambers are 1400 x 180 ft., which this ship will fit comfortably in .  Wow...has time passed into the new age of big ships in the Panama Canal.

Below is a photo capture I got on the Internet showing a rear view of the MSC Katrina and wanted to post it to give you an idea how big this ship is at another angle.

As always...thank you Bill for sending in another great photo.



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