Photo of the Week
September 6, 2020

This week we continue with the William Luther Sibert and his family story and photos from the Sibert "Travel and Family Photo Album". Here Sibert and members of his family pose on the side of their house in Gatun.  We have the same family members in this photo as last week's photo.  The houses in the background are part of Silver Gatun.

Below is a great inside photo of the family sitting on the porch.

L-R Rear - Martin, Harold, Edwin, Olin, ? (there is no name written in the photo album for the one on the end).  I think it could be Franklin Cummings Sibert.  He hasn't been in any of the photos so far.

Front row would be William L. Sibert, Mary Margaret Cummings Sibert and Mary Elizabeth Sibert

More to come next week.

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