Photo of the Week
March 6, 1999

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Nuclear Submarine "HENRY M. JACKSON" (SSBN-730) transited the Panama Canal on Thursday, March 4. Security is always tight when one of these billion dollar vessels transit the Canal.   The Sub is preceded and followed by U.S. Navy gun boats.  My boat once broke down in the Canal by Gamboa and I had to jump in the water to change the propeller.   At this same time, one of these Nuke Subs came cruising by with the gun boats in full alert as I jumped in the water.  One of the gun boats came over at full speed to see what the heck I was up to.  This wasn't very long after "Just Cause", so nerves were still a little touchy.  They took a look at me, I waved and they took off.

NucSub2.jpg (44775 bytes)
My friend Mike Norman caught both of these great shots at work.  Both photos were taken from the Miraflores Locks Control House.  In this lower photo, you can see the two rear gun boats following.   Pedro Miguel Yacht Club is in the distance.

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