Photo of the Week
May 11, 2008 

I recently purchased this old post card as it is an interesting photo.  It even became more interesting when I received the post card in the mail and scanned it at a high resolution and started studying it.  I am not sure what took place here on the day that this photo was taken, but I find many things interesting.  First, I am not sure exactly when the well know photographer J. Fisher was in business and took this photo, but it appears that this photo is very early.  Maybe 30's or 40's.  I wish the old post card had a date, but I am sure I will hear from a CZ Images visitor as to the vintage.   While studying the photo, I wondered why the soldier by the palm tree was holding what appears to be a camera.  I got to thinking that this was J. Fisher himself doing a self photo.  I have cropped out a blow-up of who I think may have been J. Fisher standing by the palm.  Actually, I don't even know if J. Fisher was a military person.  Next item of interest is the three children on bikes.  Why were they there?  Note all of them were wearing white. In the early days, white clothing was preferred as it was cooler.  Where they the children of the proposed photographer by the palm or the other mystery man standing in the middle.  Wow...such a simple photo that has turned into a interesting mystery.  God, I wish this photo could talk to me.  The answers are long gone I am sure.  This photo was taken near the General's house on Colonel Row, which is now the home of a Convention Center.  When you look in the background, you see the undeveloped Panama City of the time.  

Such a simple and nice life back then.  Long live these memories of our former Canal Zone.



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