Photo of the Week
December 21, 2003

While wondering what I could post as a photo of the week during this most holy and special time, I found this very special photo in an old family album.  This photo was taken at Christmas 1948 in a Canal Zone 12 family house in Diablo.  This Christmas tree was my Mom and Dadís tree with their presents.  This photo is so very special, as I see a few items that are still in my possession today.  The table that the little Christmas tree is on I still have along with the carved wood  Buddha Lamp.  The radio my brother has.  The other items are those that would be typical of a Canal Zone Government Blue Collar workerís gifts in 1948.  A pair of shoes, jewelry and a African violet for my Mom.  Socks and some Old Spice Cologne for my Dad.  There appears to be a rubber mouse present that would be typical of my Dad as a prankster he was.  There are some other items too, but it was a modest Christmas in 1948 for my Mom and Dad while living in the old Diablo 12 family quarters.

May our Canal Zone Christmas memories last forever!!  God Bless you all and I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and the best New Year to come.

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