Photo of the Week
August 4, 2007 

This weeks photo is a follow up to previous photo of the weeks about the removal of old French equipment out of Balboa Harbor. This photo shows massive Ladder Dredge buckets laying on dry land after so many years.  Many are saying that these are buckets from the more modern Dredge Corozal, but I am sure that they are from one of the early French Ladder dredges that was used  darning the French Construction Days.  Some of these old French Dredges were renovated and used by the U.S. in the American Construction Days.  See my mini presentation about these old French Dredges by clicking here.  What a gold mine of old relics kept in the time capsule of the Diablo swamp mud.

Photo sent in by John Carlson and originated from Dave Wilson.  Thanks so much for sending in this great photo.


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