Photo of the Week
October 9, 2022

Two weeks ago, I posted a few photos of the old Commissary House wares Annex.  CZ Images contributor Lew Stabler wrote me and told me that after they demolished the old wooden annex across the street (Toy Store) they built a bank on the property.  This is a Banco National which I have actually been in a few times while on trips to Panama.  I never noticed, but Lew told me that they designed the fronts of the bank to copy the old house wares building facade.  Lew rode by there and snapped a few photos of the two buildings today.  The photo on the right is part of the bank building.  It was a rainy day and Lew had take photos between rain drops.  I find it very interesting that the owners of the bank did this so that the area would look similar.

Thank you Lew for pointing this out and taking the photos.


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