Photo of the Week
September 20,  2009 

Here is another great photo from the same collection that last week's photo came from.  I came across this one while going through the photos and at first wondered where this was.  When I saw those steep steps and Miraflores Locks in the distance, I knew immediately where this was.  I am not sure how many of you CZ Images visitors ever visited Morgan's Garden during the Annual Morgan's Garden Fair, but if you did, you must have ventured throughout the garden's property visiting the sites and attractions.  Well, on the back side of the hill that Morgan's house sat, there were a set of concrete steps going down to the west property.  I remember these steps very well during the 50's and 60's when I attended the fair.  I always thought these steep stairs (without hand rails) were very dangerous when going up and down them.  During the fair, they had a "Slide for Life" ride that would take you down this slope through the jungle.  Yes, jungle.  The photo above was taken in the very early days of Morgan's Garden and was kept pretty clean as you can see.  During the Morgan's Garden Fairs of the 50's and 60's, this area had already grown up into pretty thick jungle growth.  You can see the west gardens in the flat land below where I am sure Morgan grew all kinds of plants and trees.  I now wonder if there are any old bottle pickings down in this area.  There are some old growth Royal Palms shown in the photo that means this area was being used by people for some time.

Another wonderful capture in time preserving a memory that would have been certainly lost if not for this photo.

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