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August 22, 2010 

This photo will be the last from the Muybridge collection.  I found this photo very interesting as it shows the steamer sail boats of the day.  This photo was taken from the city looking out into the Bay of Panama.  The most interesting thing about this photo is the derelict that serves as some kind of structure now.  By close study of the old boat, I do believe it be an war ship from days gone by.  It has both bow and stern like a war ship and appears to have gun ports on the side  that would have served the old cannons.  Very interesting as usual with Muybridge's wonderful old 1875 photos.

We will move on to an other subject next week.  It has been really great these past few weeks with the Muybridge collection.  There are a few more in the collection that I didn't show and hopefully put all of them in a mini presentation some time in the future.

Post publication information. My good friend and CZ Images contributor Vicente Pascual sent in this information after I post this photo:

On your photo of the week, the ship you see in the beach is the U.S.S. Warren
The fourth USS Warren was a second-class sloop-of-war in the United States Navy.

Warren was built at the Boston Navy Yard between 1825 and 1827 and was commissioned at her builders on 14 January 1827, Master Commandant Lawrence Kearny in command.

The USS Warren was solely a stores ship in the late 1850's. She was sold at Panama on 1 January 1863. Her eventual fate is unrecorded, although records indicate that the erstwhile sloop-of-war was used as a coal hulk by the Pacific Mail Steamship Company as late as 1874.
Read more:

Thank you Vicente for your input!


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