Photo of the Week
October 20,  2019

This week we will have another very interesting photo sent in by CZ Images contributor E.N. Belland a few years ago.  This photo is of the Pedro Miguel Railroad Station taken in 1939. The station looks like it is in pristine condition and almost brand new.  I have done some research as I thought maybe this was a new building.  I couldn't find any reference to a new station being built, however 1939 was the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal.  For this anniversary, I am sure lots of buildings were fixed up, painted an made to look good.  This was also the year that the new Panama Line steamer Panama was delivered.  Business operations on the Isthmus, carried on by the Panama Railroad Co., yielded a profit of $1,481,847 for fiscal year 1939 which was a $298, 394 increase from 1938.  

The railroad and the Canal were booming in 1939 unknowingly with WWII was good in the Canal Zone.

As always, wonderful captures in time from the glory days of the Canal Zone.


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