Photo of the Week
October 27,  2002

  I don't normally like to post too many photos of the post Canal Zone on this web site, but I had to post this one.  The "Photo of the Week" a couple of weeks ago was that of the old Ancon Commissary (Click here).  Here is a photo of the same building today.  The "Poinciana Plaza" is still there in front as it has been for many years.  The Kioscos now litter the parking area in front of the park.

Of in the distance and down the road, you can see another great Canal Zone land mark still standing strong.  The building wit the red tile roof is the old Ancon Restaurant.  This building was featured in another presentation here on the Canal Zone Images web site.  (Click here

Photo by Art Mokray.  You can see more of Art's photos and stories from the post Canal Zone era at the Panama Canal Society web site (click here).

The builders of the Canal Zone built things to last.  God Bless the builders of the Panama Canal and long live the memory of the Canal Zone.

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