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October 18, 2015

CZ Images contributor Paolo Sanfilippo sent me some photos that he recently took in the town of Gatun.  Gatun (what is left of it) is like a time capsule now and just about classified as an island with the new locks being constructed.  I don't have much information about what is going on in Gatun today or if anyone still lives there.  If anyone out there knows what is what with Gatun today, please drop me a line.

Some of the photos (the four pictured this week) are of the old Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Gatun.  I am amazed that this little old church is still standing and in fair condition from the outside.  This is building 147 of Gatun and the only reference I found was in my old 1959 PC Phone book.  There is a deep valley behind the church and many houses were build along the ridge of this valley with the use of stilts.  When they relocated Gatun from the dam site to the new town of Gatun, the built many houses along this ridge line.  I posted a bunch of old photos of these houses along this ridge line back in late 2011.  I am not sure the year that this old church was constructed.  At first I thought that it may have been build in the early days, but am thinking more like the 1930's when the again newer town of Gatun was built because of the concrete pillar stilts holding the old church up.  

The photos of the week are these four photos sent by Paolo.  There are two side views, a close front view and a most impressive view from the rear and down the hill. (photos continue below)

Thank you for sending these photos in Paolo...




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