Photo of the Week
August 31, 2008 

This week's photo is a very interesting one.  I recently purchased this real photo post card thinking that it was a very early view of Balboa, which the writing on the photo states. However, while studying it this morning, I got confused as it is not Balboa.  After scanning it at high resolution and looking at it closer, I have determined that this is the town of Pedro Miguel.  The ball field is in the same location that we all remember it being.  The white concrete building in the center is the dispensary and you can see the school bell tower to the right of the dispensary.  I am not sure what the long buildings are next to the ball field, but they look like garages or storage buildings.  This is a really great old photo of Pedro Miguel taken at an angle that I have never seen before.  It appears that the photo was taken from a moving train as you can see the blur effect in the immediate foreground.

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