Photo of the Week
July 31, 2016

Well I did some more hunting in my digital files this week and found another photo almost like last week's photo of the Gorgona Shops and the Masonic Lodge on the hill.  This photo shows a much better view of the stairs that I mentioned last week.  You can see the stairway entrance pillars at the base of the stairs in this photo.  These are the same pillars I found partially exposed by the jungle.  You can see the pillars and the stairs better in a blow-up I made below.  The water level was just at the base of the stairs, so you can picture all the rest of the shops and area below the lodge that is now underwater.  The water depth isn't that deep, but I am sure the dredges have done their digging and deepening the area through the years.  I love the photographer's fancy fonts and icons in the printing on the old photo which says, "NOON TIME AT GORGONA SHOPS".  There are quite a few more people seen in this photo compared to last week as they are all heading downtown for chow.

Below the black and white blow up is a scan of an old colorized post card pointing in the direction of downtown Gorgona.  I can imagine that photographer of the above photo was at the top of the stairs in the colorized post card and then in reverse, the photographer that took the photo below was up by the old lodge.

Another interesting thing about the colorized photo below is the train track line.  These tracks split the town of Gorgona and also split the Gorgona islands when the lake flooded. When I used to search the Gorgona islands for bottle and relics, this passage way was still there and very interesting as this is the same passage way that the original 1855 railroad line ran.  The old Gorgona train station which I have posted photos of in the past was along these tracks.  I did some searching on Google Maps this week and that passage way is all filled in now with dredge and dozer fill.  So much for that historical area!

Gorgona was quite the town in it's days and considered one of the older and larger towns.

I just love these old comparisons of the days gone by and forgotten by many.


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