Photo of the Week
May 20, 2007 

This week's photo is a unique photo showing what we called "New Town" in Gatun.  These houses were built as part of the Third Locks Project in the early 1940s.  What is interesting is that the must have only built this style (two story duplex) initially.  My guess is when PCC took over these houses as part of the PCC housing inventory, others were added, such as the one story duplexes which will be build along the empty strip on the Bolivar St.(closest road on the circle.  Duplexes and a church were later built on both sides of Bolivar.  The empty spot between the two two story duplexes in this picture would later have three more two story duplexes built, I presume all by PCC.  This capture in time tells a story which I have come up with the sequence explained above.  Great old photo. I am sure you former Gatun residents will get a thrill from this photo.

 I have been told that several of these two story duplexes have been demolished since treaty implementation.

Photo from the John Gough collection.  Thanks John.

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