Photo of the Week
September 9, 2007 

I know I have posted several other photos of the Hotel Washington Pool in the past, but I couldn't resist at least one more.  This scan is from a really great 9" x 7" original photo that I purchased recently.  When zooming in on the scan, there are so many details to see.   I am not sure what it is that fascinates me about this grand old pool.  Maybe it is because I walked around in what is left of it a few years ago on a trip back home.  It is really something how this pool was filled and the water recalculated by pumping water from Limon Bay in and out.  This was quite a pool! Note the very high sliding board.  Also,  if you can make out the little boy swinging from ring to ring across the center of the pool on a trapeze type apparatus. 

Long live the memories of our Canal Zone life.


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