Photo of the Week
July 8, 2019

This year's Panama Canal Society was a total success and everyone had a good time.  Now back to the normal routines.  While I was away a new CZ Images contributor by the name of Jim Pedersen wrote me and sent the photo above from the early 1950's.  The gathering is for Henry Grieser Honor Day in Gamboa.  I did a bunch of other Grieser and Red, White and Blue photos a while back and now we have an addition to the Grieser files.  Thank you for sending in this great old photo Jim.

I love the policeman standing in front of the bleachers.  He has one heck of a large Billy almost looks like a short baseball bat.  Grieser and his wife are in the middle front row and Jim Pedersen's mother is sitting next to Mrs. Grieser.  Jim said that his family were good friends and neighbors with the Griesers.  The man and women to Mr. Grieser's left are wearing some type of early swim ware attire.  I have seen that man somewhere in other photo/s. 

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