Photo of the Week
June 27, 2004 

     This week's photo is a "Then and Now" comparison.  The photo above is a really great 1930's vintage photo of the Gamboa Police Station.  Note the large screen porch in the front of the building compared with what this building looks like today (below).  Also note the cement stanchions with chain in between along the side walk.  Some of these stanchions are still there today.  
     This building has been the Gamboa Union Church Parsonage for many years.  My old friend Rev. Bill Wilbur and his family have lived here since the mid 1970's.  Bill told me once that they were only going to be in Panama for a few years.  HA!!  He is still there today!!!  The water of the Chagres bit him!!
     Unfortunately the shrubs obscure most of the building in the "now" photo.  Look at the two very young Royal Palms between the sidewalk and curb above and see them today in the photo below.  These "Then and Now" photos are alot of fun!

The photo above is from the collection of CZ Images contributor Vicente Pascual.  The "now" photo was recently taken by CZ Images contributor Nina Brown.


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