Photo of the Week
February 27, 2022

Another great image from the vintage 50 - 70s 35mm slide collection I scanned recently.

It is Carvival in Panama this weekend and I am sure that there is lots of parities, parades, queen competition and crowded streets all over the country.  This week I have selected two photos from the vintage slide collection in tribute to those fun Carnivals we all remember in Panama.  Top photo is taken from one of the taller buildings overlooking Cinco de Mayo Plaza sandwiched between the old Panama City railroad station and Avenida Central.  From the looks of the cars, I would guess this taken in the early 1970s.  We used to go down on Central and party with the people.  I couldn't imagine braving that crowd today, but I am much older now.

Below is a ground view photo taken the same day.  I had fun zooming in and looking at the people's face up close.

Long live the memories....


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