Photo of the Week
July 20, 2008 

The Photo of the Week this week is one that I found while going through all my hard copy photos.  I found this an interesting subject.  Labor Train.  What a perfect mode of transportation in the days of no roads to the work site and plenty of railroad tracks running everywhere.  The I.C.C. had what they called the Labor Train with cars specifically designed to get many of the workers to their word sits.  I have seen other photos showing these same Labor Train cars, specifically in the Culebra Cut.  The photo shown here is a official I.C.C. photo taken in 1910 showing a Labor Train arriving at the Mount Hope Dry Dock.  Once the train stops, the workers scamper out to their work areas.  Maybe the U.S. should start the same mode of transportation for the workers today since the gas prices are gone so high and will probably never go down.

Note: I am scheduled for surgery this coming Friday for a Rotor Cuff tear.  It is my right shoulder and I may not be able to operate my computer for  a week or two.  I am hoping this will not be the case, but in case there is no photo next week, please forgive me.  I would like all my visitors to offer a prayer for a successful operation and fast recovery.  Thank you and God Bless... 



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