Photo of the Week
November 30. 2008 

Found this photo this week and fell in love with it!  This photo is priceless.  The caption that goes with this photo is:

Chief engineer of the Panama Canal, George W. Goethals, during his service in Panama (1907-1917), standing with Sam Grier, motorman of Goethal's inspection motor car, in Culebra (now Gaillard) Cut on the day Gamboa Dam was blown uniting waters of two oceans.  Location - Culebra, Panama. Taken October 10, 1913.

I am sure that Mr. Grier and Mr. Goethals became good friends through these days of the construction of the Panama Canal while working so close.  Can you imagine wearing the white suite and bow tie on the edge of Culebra Cut in the Panama.  heat?  One thing that is a bit hard to see in this photo is Mr. Goethal's umbrella at his left side.  There are many other photos I have seen of Mr. Goethals at construction sites holding his black umbrella.  He was always prepared for either a rain storm or just to keep the sun off of him.

Next week I will post a photo of Mr. Grier's motor car that took Mr. Goethals all over to inspect the Canal diggings.

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