Photo of the Week
November 13, 2016

In honor of all our veterans past and present I am posting this great old photo in a salute for Veterans Day and weekend. Here is an excellent photo of either a 155 mm or 75mm gun mounted at Bruja Point - Fort Kobbe manned by the 1st Battalion, 33rd Infantry in the late 1920s or early 1930s.  As part of the Balboa Harbor defense coastal defense positions were in place at Fort Grant (Amador later) and across the Canal at Fort Bruja later renamed Fort Kobbe.  This area had 2-155 mm and 2- 75 mm guns along with two 16 inch rifles in Batteries Murray and Haan.  Seen in the photo is a steam locomotive and steam crane used in support of moving and lifting projectiles. The Fort Kobbe railroad was the last military trackage built, the installation being completed during 1929.  



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