Photo of the Week
April 19,  2009 

This week's photo is another interesting one from the photo / post card collection I recently purchased.  I thought at first that his was one of the many observation towers that were constructed along the diggings to monitor the work being performed in the area.  I probably was, but as I zoomed in on my high resolution scan, there is a board hanging on the front upright support that says, "Blasting Station".  So, I surmised that this tower might have been both an observation tower and where charges were set off down in the cut.  This makes sense from a safety stand point.  There is also another board with the number 1810 which was probably the location along the Culebra Cut's prism line.  You can still see the numbered points along the entire cut either on land or on the cut's lighting structures.  I am not sure what was taking place this day when the photo was taken, but I noticed that there are some workers huddled under the tower's platform to the rear.  After closer examination of the photo, I see that it was pouring down rain.  Not sure why the photographer was out in the rain with his equipment.  You can see the walk trail is full of water and the ground is well saturated.  I also noticed when I zoomed in, the people who I thought were workers (both in the tower and under), look like children as the are small in size.  This could have been an outing with the photographer and family when the rain started hid in the tower.  We will never know the "Rest of the Story", but that is the beauty of these wonderful old captures in time.

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