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August 15, 2020

This week we continue on the Goethals study CZImages contributor Bob Dillion clued me in on fantastic information and most valuable photos in the Panama Canal Review from April 2, 1954.  As the caption to this photo reads, "This view is rare because it is one of the very few pictures showing Mrs. Goethals while on the Isthmus.  This is a very historical photo as well preparing the Gamboa Dike for demolition.  I have never seen the real photo in the Halen collection, so I am not sure who the photographer was.

"It was Colonel Goethals' day and the chairman of the Panama Canal Commission was the recipient of a shower of congratulations.  Half an hour before the blast was set off, Colonel Goethals took his stand well up toward the dike, but at the time neared for the explosion he drew back a short distance, but still well out in front and in an unprotected position.  There he was when the mass of earth and water shot skyward.

Philippe Bunau-Varilla, who was engineer of the French Panama Canal Company when the French were trying to dig the great ditch, was an interested spectator of the blowing of the Gamboa Dike that afternoon on October 10, 1913.  Printed in The Sacramento Union newspaper, October 11, 1913".  

It is a shame that Philippe wasn't in the above photo.

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