Photo of the Week
November 27, 1999

On duty at the Gatun Ski Docks....That radar gun is clocking in some high speed bikinis.  No disrespect to this Canal Zone Police Officer (name unknown from CRS), I thought this photo would be a great Photo of the Week.  I found it amongst some of my old classic slides.  We used to have such a wonderful time at the Ski Docks.  This was the Causeway in the Atlantic Community.  Weekend hangout, great swimming, BBQs, great times with friends.  There were some great night time parties here too.  Jamboree night would end up out here.  This leads into another future story of my baby Howler Monkey "Rachel".  I got Rachel from someone at a Ski Dock party on night.  The poor monkey was just an infant at the time.  Rachel's mother was killed by poachers getting monkey meat for Fort Sherman's jungle operations school.  I talked this person into giving me Rachel and I raised her like a child.  I had her for 14 years until she passed on with a virus.  Rachel will be featured in another Photo of Week.

Below is a great shot from the Ski Docks looking out towards the Escobal Channel in Gatun Lake.

Damn....what a life!!!!

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