Photo of the Week
May 17,  2009 

As promised, another great photo of people.  This photo was taken at the construction town of Gorgona.  It is very interesting as all these old group photos are.  You can spend an hour easy scanning over each person when you have the larger image and can zoom in on it closely.  Download speed and web server space doesn't allow the luxury of posting the full image that I scan.  Here is a group of very interesting men.  It appears that all our white and more than likely U.S. role with various jobs constructing the Panama Canal.  The man second to last in the back row has what looks like a book held against his chest with his arm.  The title of the book is "Odd Fellows Talisman".  Could that have been a group of the Order of Odd Fellows?  I bet it was. I have come across so many photos and references to different types of "orders" that were in the Canal Zone during the construction days.  This is one of several that I have seen from the town of Gorgona.  The guy with the book looks like a Talisman....strange looking guy.  I guess my favorite part of the photo is the little girl standing in front.  At first I wondered why she looked mad, well after zooming in on her, she must have been hot as blazes!!  She has some kind of black leggings on along with the thick dress.  Not sure who is the dad, but the man on the end of the front row is holding another smaller child who moved with the photo was taken and can't see it's face.  Note the umbrellas.  Common item carried around in Panama those days.  The man in the middle front row has a long stick that looks like a pool stick.  Could be a walking stick.  When I think of all the hours I have spent on the site of the old town of Gorgona digging bottles,  I get goose bumps seeing those that once held those bottles and walked that ground.

Another great historical capture in time.  Another one next week.

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