Photo of the Week
April 21, 2019

As usual, I get lost on the Internet searching for things and came across this surprise realization the other day .....that they are building yet another bridge in Panama.  This bridge is across the Gatun Spillway.  I have never seen so many bridges being built in my life, but with all that is going on in Panama and especially on the Atlantic Coast from Colon to Bocas, I guess more bridges are needed. 

Of course with seeing this construction, I see that the old Tarpon Club is long gone.  I am not sure how long it has been gone, but it is gone for sure now.  The photo above is the first photo I found on a site with other aerials.  Unfortunately I lost the url from this website and don't have a credit for who took the photo.  While searching for the url for the photo above, I found another photo (below) that was taken in February 2018 according the web page.  The photo was taken by Adriano Herrera who is an avid drone photographer in Panama.  If you Google his name you will find tons of photos he has taken all over Panama.

The photo above is undated, but the project is much further along than in the February 2018 photo below.  I don't see any evidence of a center support for this bridge and can't wait to see the final product.  Google Earth doesn't show much with it's last photo but a little bit of clearing around the Tarpon Club property.

I have posted many Gatun Spillway photos in the past, but I would have to say these photos are the most traumatic for me and my memories, but progress moves on.  No more fishing off the apron!! 

Happy Easter Everyone!


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