Photo of the Week
May 10, 2015

We are still looking at high elevation photos this week with this photo I found going through a bunch of 8 x 10 inch photos.  I posted a similar view a few weeks ago (click here) which were newer views.  I just love this 1916 view showing the brand new Administration Building sparkling white and clean.  The swamp that would eventually become Albrook Field is being drained and cleared.  You can see pipes and ditches for drainage.  The new relocated railroad line is now in place and the brand new Balboa Train Station has been built.  In the distance and to the left of the rail line, you can see a shovel starting to cut down the hill where Diablo will be in the future.  I am not sure why they are starting on this Diablo project in 1916 as Diablo wasn't built until the 1930's.  Following the rail line, you can see the housing and buildings of Corozal.  Then in the far distance is a magnificent view of the brand new Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks.  This is a very nice official Panama Canal photo and a great capture in time.



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