Photo of the Week
November 6, 2016

Oh no!!! Another photo of Balboa!! Bare with me as there is a purpose for this photo.  First, it is a very good photo of a young Balboa and probably taken close in time to the photo I posted last week.  I can zoom in and see some cars parked by the Administration Building and look to be 1920s vintage, so we have a approximate date.  Considering all the war ships in Balboa Harbor, maybe very early '20s considering WWI just ended in late 1918.  With that, the real reason I scanned this photo is a follow up to last week's photo.  Below is a zoom in of the area of the round pool shown in last week's photo.  In this photo, you can see the pool (yellow arrow), tennis court (green arrow) and to add to the mysteries, the building with the yellow dot.  What was this? I put a yellow dot on this building as to where I believe the photographer from last week's photo was standing when they took the photo.  I have zoomed into that building on my high resolution photo and the building appears  to be a gym.  The building across the street from the fire station is another mystery building.  I sure wish I had a map of the town of Balboa back then to identify these mystery buildings and pool.  No one wrote in with any answers from last week's photo, but with this additional photo, maybe it will bring in some answers.


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