Photo of the Week
January 31, 2021

This week we continue with the Robert Bodle photo collection taken during the construction of the U.S. Canal in Panama.  When I scanned this negative, I noted the number 201 on this locomotive.  Well I said to myself I rode in this locomotive and in cars being pulled by it.  You say how is that possible?  You weren't living back then.  Well click here to see a page I posted back in 1999.  In 1998 we drove to Arkansas to visit our friends Ed and Deb Sykes and took a trip to Eureka Springs where we heard that a I.C.C. locomotive was still in operation as a tourist attraction.  This was a great day to see, hear and smell this old locomotive that used to pull long lines of dirt cars out of the Canal diggings.  This photo above shows 201 coming through the town of Empire.  I put a zoom in below.  I am not sure if 201 is still in operation as I don't see her on the Eureka Springs railway website.  A lot could have happened in the 23 years since we visited the old locomotive.  The last photo below is all of us that day.  Boy we were young!!!  Heck....I was in my mid 40s....I wish I was again.

More Bodle photos to come.


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