Photo of the Week
April 20, 2014

CZ Images contributor Bill Fall sent me this photo that he took while in Panama and visiting the Gatun area. He was going down a road
to the east of the new locks excavation and spotted this old building. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this photo. I can't believe this building still exists. I never knew of it in my travels and exporations on the Atlantic Side. Bill thinks this old building was the pump house built in 1910 for the Gatun Water Works which drew water from the Agua Clara Reservoir. Not knowing for sure, but the old reservoir may have been submerged by the flooding of Gatun Lake.

Below is an aerial photo study that Bill made to show where this old building is located. There are other buildings in the area which are of the same era and another newer building.

I will post two more photo scans from a Isthmian Canal Commission Annual Report that shows this and other buildings from the Gatun Water Works back in the day and a photo scan of the Agua Clara Reservoir.

Thanks for the photos and research Bill.

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