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April 17, 2022

While searching through many old photos this morning, I came across this photo that I got from the University of Florida's Panama Canal Museum Collection.  I downloaded this photo a very long time ago and the significance of the photo didn't hit home until I started studying it.  I selected the photo for today's photo because it  is very evident everyone is wearing their Sunday best and possibly it was Easter Sunday.  Well they are dressed in their Sunday best, but it isn't Easter.  There is writing on the bottom left corner of the photo that says, "Teachers ? Class, Balboa Union S.S., December 1926" The second word after teachers is not clear enough to read.  I think it is referring to the type or class they were teachers for.  I noticed the house number above the front door 754.  This is the four family on Balboa Road across from the Balboa Union Church.  They must have gone across the street to have their photo taken.  Maybe someone in the photo lived in the house.  The ladies are into the Flapper style hair, hats and dress.

I have a scan of the rear of this photo and has some names, but not all.  The man in the dark jacket standing on the left is identified as Mr. Warner.  After careful study with other sources, this man is John F. Warner who on July 14, 1932 with others aboard the SS Ancon in New York City's harbor established the Panama Canal Club which is now know as the Panama Canal Society.  Mr. Warner is the Founder of this great organization.  I am so thrilled to have found this photo and identified that Mr. Warner is in the photo.

Mr. Warner resided in Culebra, Canal Zone during the construction period and when the Canal opened he and his family moved to Balboa.  He resided there until his retirement on July 1, 1932.  House 754 could have been Mr. Warner's house.



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