Photo of the Week
September 17, 2017

As a follow-up to last weeks photo, here is another photo of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh (in the white uniform behind the queen) tour inspecting members of the Caribbean Command in Cristobal.  It appears to be inside one of the Cristobal piers where her yacht tied up prior to transiting the Canal.  A press release write up on the back of one of the photos from this collection states that this is the first time a British Monarch has reviewed at one ceremony a formation composed of all four Services of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Present were the Marine platoon of the Honor Guard and platoons from Army, Navy and Air Force units of the Caribbean Command in the Canal Zone.  The Governor of the Canal Zone Gen. J. S. Seybold was present at this ceremony as well.  This event took place on November 29, 1953.

This photo and others from this day were sent in by CZ Images contributor John Schmidt (Zonian) who was present this day in his Air Force Uniform as the Color Sgt. for the CAIRC Color Guard.  Thank you John for sending this historic photo in for posting.


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