Photo of the Week
March 7, 2004

With Carnival just a couple of weeks past, we are going to have a little history lesson today. I have always been fascinated by the Diablico Sucio who can be seen during Panama's Carnival season.  I didn't realize how many different types of of diablicos there are throughout the country of Panama.  I recently did a little research about where and why these Diablico Sucio came from.  I couldn't find much in the books that I have, but had the good fortune to get in contact with Orlando Hernandez in Panama who wrote his BA thesis on the subject. Orlando sent me some great information which I have used to create a mini-presentation (Click Here).  The photo above is a scan from a post card with the title: "Diablico Sucio, (Little Dirty Devil) Typical costume of Los Santo province".  Note the castanets and stick in the diablico's hands.  This is typical of this type of diablico. (Post Card - Distribuidora Lewis, S.A.) 

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